Design & Precision

ARCH Motorcycle designs and manufactures over 200 parts in our Los Angeles area factory.  The bulk of the remaining components are proprietary and sourced from the world's premier suppliers.  Each motorcycle is hand assembled on site by our seasoned staff of skilled technicians. Substantial road testing is completed before any unit is cleared for delivery.


ARCH Motorcycle design is focused on maximizing utility and performance while expanding classic artistic boundaries.  Close examination reveals meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful new interpretations of traditional engineering philosophy.


Every detail is considered.  From tool paths to tire clearances, nothing escapes scrutiny.  Close inspection reveals a level of precision typically reserved for aviation level applications. 

Visual Appeal

The ARCH Motorcycle aesthetic blends form and function within classic lines that transport the contours of the past into the present.  Each owner is invited to apply their unique style via personalized options and finishes, making each ARCH Motorcycle a one-of-a-kind personal statement.