ARCH METHOD 143 Logo.png

Forward thinking and engineering artistry has been a foundation for ARCH motorcycle. This focus accelerated ARCH in introducing its first concept production motorcycle. Featuring a Carbon Fiber Mono-Cell chassis, this progressively designed machine will be limited to 23 units. The layering design concept and elegant craftsmanship of the bodywork includes leather, carbon fiber and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum.

  • 143 Cubic Inch, 2,343cc Engine
  • Arch Designed, Suter Industries manufactured CNC machined aluminum, single-sided swingarm with Carbon Fiber cover.
  • CNC machined aluminum bodywork with integrated layered leather seat
  • Arch designed mobile phone dash display
  • Proprietary Ohlins FGRT series front fork with Carbon Fiber Air-Foil
  • Moto Gp inspired, Full Titanium / Carbon Fiber exhaust system
  • Arch designed BST Carbon Fiber Turbine Wheels
  • Proprietary headlight design
  • Production release date and price to be announced.