1. A $15,000 deposit* is collected.Purchase

  2. Once your deposit is received, you will be contacted by an ARCH Motorcycle Company representative to begin completion of the options checklist.  Multiple aesthetic and ergonomic options allow each owner to personalize their KRGT-1.  The checklist can be completed onsite, at the ARCH Motorcycle Company factory near Los Angeles, or it can easily be handled remotely, with input from the ARCH staff.

  3. Each KRGT-1 owner will be given the option to receive bi-weekly email updates on the progress of their build.  Our current delivery schedule is 60 - 90 days from completion of the options checklist. A second $20,000 payment is required at the mid-point of the build.

  4. As we near the completion date, owners will be invited to the factory for a final fitting before the balance payment is collected and a delivery date is set.

* Your $15,000 USD deposit payment confirms your reservation and initiates production of your personalized KRGT-1.  
This pre-payment is non-refundable.  A second $20,000 USD payment is required at roughly 45 days, with the $43,000 USD balance (plus applicable taxes and fees) completed before pickup  can be scheduled.